Friday, November 21, 2014


My mum and dad were in Islay recently for my cousin's wedding and while they were there they kidnapped my home-loving granny (a.k.a. the Cailleach) and FORCED her to come back to the mainland with them for a wee break.  Dulcie and I went to visit them all today.  Dulcie was a bit shy with the Cailleach for most of the afternoon but came round eventually, managed to have a good giggle with her and gave her a big cuddle before we left.  Here's a wee snap of the four generations together - Dulcie, me, my granny and my mum.  I'd say this is a very rare sight, but it did happen around this time last year too.

And here's a nice one of Dulcie and the Cailleach together :)

I'm feeling very behind in my blogging, most particularly in terms of some great times I've had with Dulcie lately.  Halloween was awesome, bonfire night was awesome, Dulcie's birthday was awesome.  (We watched the Lego Movie with my nieces and nephew last week - everything is awesome!)  I know some of these things seem very last-month but I am still going to blog about them all, hopefully very soon.  I might start with the birthday since I've actually had a bona fide request to see the cake!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 27 - the final instalment!)

18th July 1988
I stayed at home.  Lovely weather.  Very bored.

19th July 1988
Today Kerry and mum went to Aberdeen.  I stayed at home with dad, poor me.  I joined the library.  I got four books because that is the most you can have.  Flora Finlay and Linsay came to see us.  The weather was quite nice but it did rain.  Dad and I went down to see Gail and Peter.  Peter wasn't in.  Barney the dog and Gail were though.  Barney tried to get into the car with me to go home.

20th July 1988
Police academy five.

21st July 1988
Went to Aberdeen to see Scot and Angela.  We got Peter and Diane's wedding present today.

22nd July 1988
Kirk Caldich.

23rd July 1988
Finlay Flora Linsay
Tidied Bedroom
Martin Julia Gave Presents

24th July 1988
Our (Kerry and I) III cousins came to visit us.  They are from America.  They are Bob, Joanne and Vion (Vione) (Vionne)

And this anti-climax is where my notebook runs out of space, making this the last Time-Travelling Tuesday.  I hope you've enjoyed reliving my 1988 with me :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 26)

(Glasgow Garden Festival and the Clydesdale Bank Tower.)

11th July 1988
Went to Craigtoun country park.

12th July 1988
Crocodile Dundee II.

13th July 1988
I got a toy seal and I called it Sapzo.  (Said as Zapzo)
[This seal is now a favourite of Dulcie's when she visits my mum and dad.]

14th July 1988
                          when we went to it.

15th July 1988
and bird


16th July 1988
Arrived home.  Went to Glasgow Garden Festival.  We went on CB tower.  We qued for an hour.  It goes up to the top and then down again.
[And I did a drawing of the tower, which looks nothing like the picture at the top of this post!]

17th July 1988
Home sweet home.  I had a long lie.  I did not go to church.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

hot bot

 It's Dulcie's birthday tomorrow.  She'll be three!  Can you believe it?!  Being mid clear-out, we decided to go low-key on presents, not wanting to re-clutter the place already, but I think the simple little things we're giving Dulcie will be well received as they're all things chosen most specifically for her.  As well as a skipping rope and a Ladybird book of The Billy Goats Gruff, she'll be getting a hot water bottle, something she's been coveting for ages.  And that's it.
I made this cosy cover for her hot water bottle from a lovely jumper (that originally belonged to my friend Lorna before it came my way) that I accidentally shrank and then purposefully felted.  It's so snuggly.  The buttons at the neck hole allow the bottle to be taken out so we should be able to replace it if we ever need to.  I hope Dulcie will be snuggling up with this beauty for many years to come.

Right, I'd best be off.  I've got a Billy Goats Gruff cake to make... Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

reading challenge update

Here's my book pile for the Semi-Charmed Winter 2014 Book Challenge, or my book pile SO FAR, I should say, as I'm still waiting for a couple of titles to arrive.  I got off to a bit of a flyer and have already clocked up 20 points by finishing East, West.  Go, me!  It helped that Dulcie and I were staying at my mum and dad's this weekend - I had plenty of reading time by the fire and under the covers.  East, West turned out to be a book of short stories rather than a novel (this was news to me!) and was fantastic in parts, not so fantastic in others.  I absolutely LOVED the East stories, didn't like any of the West stories and quite liked all the East/West stories.  Definitely worth reading, on the whole.

I'm now reading Buddha Da, which definitely meets the "local" criteria - it mentioned locations a few hundred metres from home within the first six pages!  I think it might take me a while to get used to the vernacular style, but I'm hoping I'll enjoy it in the end.  

Buddha Da had been on my bookshelf for years and years.  East, West had been on my bookshelf even longer, for well over a decade, maybe closer to 20 years now I think of it!  Yikes!  This challenge is proving to be a great way to make myself read some of these titles I've never quite got round to before, which can surely be no bad thing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 25)

We found a fish for you, could we please have our umbrella back.  Limited edition 11x14 print by Matte Stephens.
Print by Matte Stephens.

4th July 1988
Today we went swimming.  I met a man that was working on the porch and he said is your mom mom at home.

5th July '88
Watched a film until 11 o'clock.

6th July
Tidied our bedroom.

7th July 1988
I got two of the workmens (on our porch) aughtographs.  One of them is Steven Moir and the other one is George Wright.  It is quite a hot day.  But we did hear some thunder.  They didn't do kisses so I did some for them.  I wanted to say to Steven will you marry me Stevy Wevy.
[Har!  Then there are my copies of their signatures.]

8th July 1988
Went to bank in Huntly.

9th July 1988
Arrived at Fife.

10th July 1988
We went to water life.  I liked the seals and sealions best.

Monday, November 3, 2014

doesn't everyone love toast?

I'm very excited that the new series of Toast Of London starts tonight!  I'm looking forward to weekly instalments of giggling.  Ray bloody Purchase...  So good :)

It's on Channel 4 tonight (Monday) at 10.35pm.