Tuesday, October 14, 2008

it's the little things

I went shopping recently and bought some mustard powder, a box of chocolates, washing powder and some flea treatment for those pesky cats.
But this was no ordinary bag of shopping....  This was miniature shopping!
The best thing about my shopping being so tiny (I think I may have mentioned before that my fingers are freakishly small so tiny really is the word) was that it took no time at all to find a space in the cupboards for all of it.  This left me plenty of time to practice my xylophone...
...and have a cup of tea from my copper kettle.
Feeling refreshed, I decided to try my hand at some knitting.  I took a look through my vintage knitting patterns and decided to attempt this dashing man's cardigan in orange...
... but I didn't have any knitting needles small enough.  These patterns and the lovely orange wool were also miniature!
I bought all these miniature things a few weeks ago when I was visiting my mum and dad in Elgin.  My mum took me to the new doll's house shop there and it was amazing.  We were in there for ages marveling at all the weird and wonderful items, including.... wait for it ... a doll's house sized... drum roll... coffin!  No, I'm not joking - it was a genuine coffin for a doll's house.  Why and wow!?  

I also bought these lovely things:
A teeny tiny wooden soldier complete with cymbals.
A teeny tiny pinny and a miniscule coat hanger to hang it on.  I'm going to hang this up on my wall of many wonders.  I'm glad to see it gets Poppy's approval.
I have used most of my purchases to fill the gaps in the little house shelf I painted up this summer.  I've still got a doocot or two to fill and I'm going back to Elgin in a few weeks...!  Yippee!

Talking of little things, please take a few minutes to gaze in wonder at the pictures linked to below:

Anything by the wonderful diastema on flickr but most especially this picture showing how cakes get their hundreds and thousands.

The little people popping up all over the place in a number of European cities.  Have you been eagle eyed enough to spot any?

This beautiful necklace made for Heidi Kenney's birthday by her super talented other half, using a pair of doll's spectacles.

Dan McPharlin's cardboard miniatures of audio equipment.

A slightly spooky miniature circus.

These crazy tiny things including a painting of 42 American presidents on a half inch strand of human hair and a man who paints (between heart beats to prevent wobbling) with a hair plucked from a dead fly.  No, really...

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