Thursday, February 26, 2009

escape to the woods

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I don't really have the energy to blog but I just had to stop by to rave about knitted trees and toadstools. On Saturday I visited The Lighthouse with my Australian cousin. There was an exhibition on by Donna Wilson and this is a picture of part of it - a giant knitted forest! It was the most fun thing I've seen in a long time but the exhibition finishes on Sunday. I am planning a return visit this Saturday (when entrance is freeeeeee!) so that I can soak up its wonder before it goes. I wanted to speedily share this info in the hope that anyone else in/near Glasgow will get to go and see it too. If that is their cup of tea, of course... But really, who wouldn't love a crazy beautiful giant knitted forest!?


  1. You have a great blog that I really enjoy, just wanted to let you know that I tagged you!


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