Sunday, May 15, 2011


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Uh-oh! I hadn't looked at the Craftathon 2011 list for a long while and I could have sworn patchwork was on there. Turns out it isn't, but I've been thinking about patchwork a lot over the last couple of weeks and was pretty certain I wanted it to be the next thing I tick off the list. I even treated myself to a few nice little pieces of fabric in Scarborough. What to do? I think I'm going to allow myself to go ahead and patchwork to my heart's content, even though it could be a lengthy project as I'm planning on making a quilt of indeterminate size. Actually, my whole patchwork plan is fairly indeterminate. I have a little piece of patchwork that my sister and I started making over 20 years ago (will try to photograph with the return of daylight tomorrow) and I'm hoping to incorporate parts of that. It's hexagonal, so I'm going with that for the patch shape, but I can't decide whether I want to have just lots of random hexagons sewn together in a big mixture of a pattern or whether I want to sew them into flower shapes (one colour/pattern in the centre and six in another colour/pattern around it) and then join them together. Too many decisions! I was going to go for a nice red, blue and yellow theme, but I don't know that I'd really have enough red/blue/yellow material and colour co-ordinating is not my strength, so maybe using up my randomly coloured vintage fabric stash would be the way to go. Random clashing colours did work well for me on the old ripple blanket... This clearly needs more thought, huh?

Perhaps I should start with a nice smaller-scale project like this pretty little number to get my patchwork juices flowing. How cute is the fabric with the headscarf lady on it?

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