Tuesday, March 1, 2016

fringe benefits...or the lunatic fringe?

I don't think I've posted any photos of myself for a long time (?) so here's one of me looking tired in a dirty mirror.  Hello!  Did I ever mention I got a fringe?  I asked a random hairdresser to fringe me back in December and I couldn't say I liked what she did, so I went home and cut it again myself immediately.  Very short, very weird-looking, but still better than the hairdresser's attempt, in my opinion anyway.  These days (since when I'm not sure) I have a very relaxed approach to hair, the it-will-grow-back-eventually mindset.  And that is what happened, but just as my own fringe WAS starting to grow back, I found myself in front of the bathroom mirror with teeny-tiny nail scissors in my hand and Dulcie beside me, saying, "Don't do it, Mum!"  But I did and my fringe was weird and super short and very wonky again because it's hard to cut in a straight line with tiny nail scissors.  But guess what? Just like before, my hair grew back!  Yay!  Personally, I think having a fringe is fun.  When they are bad (like in the rain or when in need of a wash) they are very, very bad, but when they are good they are awesome.  And whether looking good or bad, they are always a source of entertainment and something to fiddle with and wonder about.  ("Do I like it? I'm not sure. Maybe I like it?  But why?" etc)

I'm not one to consciously follow fashions, but I like spotting other members of the fringe brigade out and about and there are certainly a lot of us these days!  Last week I told Graham that my musical taste could be classified as "girls with fringes".  I was being flippant but I think it's probably true.  Here's a girl with a fringe I'm liking at the moment, both in terms of hair and music, but most especially for incredible whistling ability.

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