Tuesday, March 2, 2010

in memoriam

What better way to commemorate your favourite recently deceased soap star than through the medium of stitch? Didn't I tell you I'd been busy embroidering behind the scenes? Every stitch in Bradley (from his ginger hair to his v-neck jumper to his squint smile) is consecrated by a single teardrop... It was great therapy after the trauma of the live episode!
I couldn't stand to have Bradley separated from his beloved Stacey on cotton as well as on screen, so I stitched her up too. Be strong, Stace! We love you!

I'm going to be adding these (along with the other characters who have been out of stock for a while) to my etsy (large only) and shopify (large and small sizes) shops tonight. I've decided to stitch on demand, rather than try to keep on top of having a few of each on the go at any one time. This does mean you'll have to wait a bit longer to get any embroideries you order (I'm thinking 14 days) but it also means that your favourite characters will never be unavailable. Hooray!


  1. They're fabulous, I lovge them, you really are a genius stitcher!!

  2. oo! love the new ones!

    Stitching on demand sounds like a good plan - frees you up a bit to create new stuff rather than keep repeating pieces! I think thats a really good plan :)

  3. Thanks, both :)

    I'm really glad about the stiching to order too - oh, the possibilities of new stitchies! I still need to make at least one of each for taking to markets (and for a fabulous exhibition I've been hearing about, Claire!) but after that I am free to create! The plans! The plans!

  4. Absolutely perfect! I hope thatone day I will be stitched in memoriam - imagine that as a gravestone! x


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