Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010, year of the milestone birthday

We had a fun day on Sunday, hanging out on the red carpet (all five grubby feet of it or so) at the Glasgow Film Festival. Hot on the heels of the Square's 25th anniversary, Gregory's Girl was turning 30! To celebrate, there was a special screening with cast and crew (and their most distant relatives, neighbours, taxi drivers and dogs) at the GFT. It was fun to see it on the big screen and to hear people's reactions to the really good bits. As soon as Chic Murray tickled the first ivory (as illustrated by myself, above!) you could sense a little ripple of anticipation all the way up to the delivery of the classic line.
Here's that red carpet moment before the film started. Left to right, there's Andy, Gordon (the reporter for the school paper), Carol (who gets changed in the phonebox), Davina Belling (one of the film's producers), Dorothy, Gregory, Susan, Gregory's dad and Billy the window cleaner, who delivers that much discussed line, "If I don't see you through the week, I'll see you through a window."
This very special guest also turned up at the question and answer bit!

After Gregory's Girl, we went for some food and then back to the cinema to see Exit Through The Gift Shop, a film about the most bizarre man who followed around and befriended lots of famous street artists (like Banksy) and then set himself up as a street artist, trying to sell his work for six figure sums after pasting up about three copies of a single image that he hadn't even drawn himself... and succeeding! I don't think it's officially out yet, but it is really entertaining, so I would keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway, I have to go to work now (boo!) but I'm planning to come back tonight and share some new embroideries I've been working on, so don't be a stranger :)

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