Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was tagged by Claire to do this...

1: Open your first photo folder,
2: scroll to the 10th photo,
3: Post the photo and the story behind it,
4: Tag 5 or more peeps to continue the thread

..and it seemed like a good excuse to blog easily about nothing new and something a bit random. What I really mean is it seemed like a wonderful challenge, of course!

This is the picture that my computer selected for me - Big Daddy! There's not much of a story behind it really, but this is the pre-shrunk shrinky dink Big Daddy that I made into a birthday card for Graham just over two years ago. Big Daddy had a pretty good skin tone here (given my rather limited colour palette of permanent markers) but when he was shrunk, he looked like he'd had a rather more rigorous workout... You can see the finished card here.

Just to spin the story out a bit more, I will mention the other things you can see in the background. On the left is my supercute tealight holder thingummybobber. I bought it at a Christmas market in Edinburgh many years ago. It has a tiny townscape all the way round it (a bit wonky and shrunken) and looks gorgeous when it has a candle burning inside it. Next to that, is one of my many boxes of recipe cards that I use to make these. On top of the recipe cards are some really cute French stickers that my sister sent me. The stickers are the component parts of birds and rabbits (complete with stripy legs) and you can mix and match to create your own creatures. See what I mean? The two boxes on the right of the picture were presents from my mum and from my sister. They are different sizes and colours but are the same otherwise and both have the same Japanese-style dress stuck on the lid. They both gave me one of these boxes on the same birthday. I thought it was planned, but they had no idea and hadn't even mentioned it to each other at all. This wouldn't be so strange if they were frequenting the same shops, but they don't even live in the same country as each other! Spooky, huh? Right, I think that's all the story I can get out of this picture!

I'm going to tag five people who sometimes visit this blog. Feel free to join in or not as the mood takes you: you you you you and you. How sneaky I am! To find out if you've been tagged, you'll have to click all the links and visit these five lovely blogs. Mwahaha! As my original tagger might say...

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