Sunday, February 14, 2010

second hand valentine

This really is a second hand Valentine's greeting. I'm using the card I just made for Graham (made from a polka dot card and a love is... paper coaster, which were both found in charity shops) to wish you a happy Valentine's day too. I hope your day is as romantic or unromantic as your heart desires. Our Valentine's day is probably not going to be very romantic as we drank too much love juice (alcohol, people, alcohol!) last night and are feeling a little bit bleary eyed today. I'm actually on call today but am praying (touch wood, fingers crossed, eyes squeezed tightly shut) that the phone doesn't ring. I don't think my subtitles would be up to much today! I was on call yesterday, but didn't have to go in. I managed to spend the day charity shopping with Graham who also had an unexpected day off. I didn't find much really but it still has to go down as one of the most successful charity shopping days in history, particularly for Graham. Remember the mystery charity shop item I half mentioned A MONTH AGO? Well, after the longest charity shop saga in history, we finally have it! I will come back and tell you all about it once I have taken a photo. In fact, I'll go and do that now!

Update (one hour later): Graham came back from his cycle with his big sweaty sausage-fingered hands. He found an envelope addressed to him. He used his sweaty sausage fingers to rip open the envelope in his usual hamfisted manly manner... and totally destroyed the card in the process! He never even got to see it! Valentine's day is cancelled ;)

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