Saturday, January 16, 2010

I see a darkness...

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No, I'm not here to be morbid and I'm not even here to talk about Johnny Cash, I just felt I should apologise for my lazy blogging style, using flickr favourites just to pop in and say hello. (I hope this flickr favourite of mine doesn't give you nightmares!) I don't have much to photograph at the moment, to be honest, but even if I did I just don't see enough daylight to take half decent photos by. Roll on spring! I love winter (no more than any of the other seasons - I'm fickle and they all make me happy for as long as they are still a novelty) but I think I have had enough of it for this year. At work today (yes, I now work weekends - boo!) I watched it very slowly get light and then very slowly get dark again. I think it might have actually been light for all of ten minutes in the middle. Scottish winters are officially bad for blogging. Officially.

Anyway, I have actually been working away behind the scenes here - despite appearances - replenishing some sold out items (lavender bags coming soon!) and coming up with some brand new stuff, which has had me hooting away this evening. I will share all soon but not until they are ready.

In other news, I spent both my days off this week charity shopping. It was kind of slim pickings (lots of unwanted Christmas tat) but I did get travel Trivial Pursuit (just days after speculating whether it existed or not and really hoping it did) a vintage make your own giant macrame owl kit (just after deciding I was going to sit down and trawl the internet for the definitive instructions and make macrame my first new/revisited old craft of 2010) and a pair of cowboy boots for £5 (after a few months of looking). We also saw what may be the best charity shop find ever ever ever but it was just in and not yet priced. It still has not been priced (we even phoned the shop today just to remind them not to be selling it to anyone else) but we have first refusal on it once they decide how much it is worth. I won't say any more for fear of jinxing it but I'll tell you all about it once we joyfully own it or have eyes red from crying at the fact we don't own it. I say "we" but it is Graham who's buying it really. Still, we are a committed couple and what's his is mine. Hee hee!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and spare a thought for poor souls like me who are working... I know I'll spare a thought for you when I'm off mid-week and raiding the charity shops before all the Monday to Friday suckers get to them - har har! ;)


  1. HOw very cryptic of you! I used to hate woeking Saturdays when I was in retail, watching everyone else wandering round the shops. I guess I can't complain now though, even if my holidays always come at the same time as screaming children... x

  2. that picture is awesome! that is some dedicated charity shopping and very well told I'm itching to know what the secret item is now haha!
    p.s weekend work - i feel your pain!

  3. I'm sorry to be cryptic and secretive. Please don't get your hopes up! It's not anything that will excite anyone to hear about, probably. I am just genuinely scared to jinx it - I'm so supersticious... We still don't know if it is to be ours or not. Oh, the suspense!


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