Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top telly to watch - yippee!

Ah, it's been so good to have a bit of telly to look forward to and now episode one is a mere matter of minutes away. Since I used a picture of Donald Draper (swoon!) to get excited about series two, I will use a picture of Joan for series three. What a snappy dresser this lady is and absolutely drop dead blimmin' gorgeous. I have got to start holding my shoulders back... :) If you're watching it tonight, then enjoy! Right, I'm off to get comfy. Woo hoo!

Edit: Ten minutes later... Well, apparently I'm six days early! I'm nothing if not keen... Sorry if I made anyone panic - I know I did when Charlie Brooker came on. Hee hee! For a few awful minutes, I thought it must have started last night but according to the wonder of the internet, it starts on Wednesday 27th. We've had it written on the calender for today since hogmanay! By next week, I will be even more ready.

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