Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is anybody still out there?

What with all the Christmas hoo-ha etc. I never got around to sharing this amazing book of knitting patterns that my sister bought for me on Ebay. Wait for it...

Just when you thought my obsession could sink no lower...
The baby with the elephant jumper is none other than Martin Fowler. He was so young - who could have known what fate had in store for him?
I really like this picture of the Square. It's quite funny to notice how much the bushes have grown since this picture was taken. Julia Smith (the producer and the lady in the photo there) introduces this book as "the first EastEnders knitting collection". I wonder if there have been any others since! She claims that Kathy's stall has made all the cast and crew "very knitting conscious" and thinks the patterns will go down well with the cast. I'm not so sure - do you think they expected to be modelling knitwear when they were cast in a soap opera? She was planning to knit Lou's cardigan for her mother... allegedly.
Much as I love the book, I'm not sure I'll be knitting anything from it. I do feel a bit bad about that, though, so I may make Sue Osman's jumper (above) one day. I rather like it.
I love the Beales' double page spread - Pete's cardigan to keep him warm while he sells fruit and veg, Kathy's racy V-back (just made that term up...) and Ian's fresh faced pre-tyrant innocence... Those were the days, my friend.

I would love to see another EastEnders knitting collection brought out. It's the show's 25th anniversary this year (have you seen the classic doof doof moment trailers? brilliant!) and a new knitting collection would surely be the perfect way to celebrate. What would you knit for who? How about a George Michael intarsia sweater for Heather? Or a pair of bootees for the ill-fated offspring of Stacey and Bradley Archie? A tasteful twin-set for Dot maybe? Or a hat for Phil and his poor bald head? Don't let the red face fool you - he does feel the cold! If only somebody had thought to knit a cosy for the Queen Vic bust - that might have softened the Christmas blow... I would love to hear your ideas!

Happy new year, by the way, and apologies for being nearly a third of the way through the month before I got around to saying it. I think I must have been busy... Either that, or I have just become a very bad blogger. I seem to recall getting new year's bloggers block last year. This year, I was actually looking forward to a 2009 retrospective post as well as a 2010 whoop whoop type post but it all seems a bit late in the day/year for that now. Rest assured that I plan to be totally awesome this year!


  1. That book is really quite simply the most amazing thing ever! Please tell me you're going to be knitting some ankle warmers for Shirley or maybe something fetching for Sam to wear in the prison showers?

    It's never too late for an end of year round up! Go to it!

  2. Ha ha ha! I like your thinking - Shirley would rock ankle warmers with her skinny jeans and high heels look. And we could always knit a rope for Sam's soap, I suppose...? The possibilities are bleedin' endless - everyone knows knitwear is the most appropriate attire for a good old cockney knees up, guv'nor! Please publish the patterns, BBC!

  3. Wow, what a perfect gift for you -your sister must have been punching the air when she spotted that! It's fab, what nostalgia! Cardigans for boys are very back in' now aren't they? I can see gavin (of Gavin & Stacey) in that cardy of Pete's. I would def wear Sue's jumper too. What did they come up with for Mary the punk - something in loosely knitted mohair?

  4. Mary the punk is actually looking a little uncomfortable in a black sweater with pink, blue and white polka dots. It reminds me of those liquorice allsorts jumpers you used to get... except that it goes better with her spiked dog collar! Her daughter's is wearing the same jumper but with a white background rather than black. I think they missed a trick with the mohair, though :)


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