Monday, January 11, 2010

Famous without knowing it

Thanks to one of my twitter spies, I found out that my Dot and Pat lavender bags were apparently featured in The Scotsman this Saturday - hooray!
And didn't I just tell you that I was going to be awesome this year? Uh-huh!

I wish I could have seen it! If anybody reading this happens to have a copy of Saturday's Scotsman then please wing it my way :)

I was meant to be going to London tomorrow for 'work' (that's just the glamorous pace of life in the media, darling...!) but my flight got cancelled this morning. I guess I can use the unexpectedly free evenings to make more lavender bags now.


  1. hurrah! sucks about London tho, it's good fun, you should have some free time to explore when you do go.

  2. Apparently I'm going (for real this time!) in a few weeks. Quite glad not to be going this week really - I'm inexplicably pooped and just want to stay in and brush my cats of an evening :) Plus, I do have lavender bags a plenty to be making! Hope you've managed to find some work to do - I resorted to stealing the last six minutes of a nature documentary, which turned out to be the very six minutes that showed how the poor old whale died tragically :(

  3. http://emilyknits.wordpress.comJanuary 13, 2010 at 5:36 PM

    Laura that's amazing! Well done you! x

  4. Thanks Emily :)

    I still haven't seen it but the made in the shade girls have promised to scan it and email it to me soon. Yippee!


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