Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fresh as a daisy, guv'nor!

At last! Daylight! I finally managed to snap a couple of pictures of the new lavender bags - Frank flavour (above) and Ethel/Willy flavour (below). They are available in my shop along with Dot and Pat. Yay!
I had another very exciting couple of products to add that came back from the printer this week but, on closer inspection, they did not meet my stringent quality control expectations so I'm trying to get them printed again. I will resist blabbing about them here until they are actually available.

Graham and I went charity shopping yesterday (only because we were in the vicinity after visiting some friends and their gorgeous kitten) and I got more books than I could carry - a couple of novels as well as an EastEnders retrospective (I was kicking myself for leaving it behind last time and couldn't believe it was still there) and five Golden Hands books, which I didn't need but couldn't leave behind. I love a good Golden Hands book. I really must start sharing some of my vintage craft books on here. Graham got an arty looking Korean film, which we watched last night. It came with a heartfelt recommendation from the man in the charity shop... which was unfortunate, given the film turned out to be porn! Ha ha! We'll never be able to show our faces there again... Still, the same man gave me a heartfelt recommendation for my Golden Hands books so maybe that was just his brand of friendly customer service. We can but hope! The EastEnders book did not come with a warm recommendation - the two men behind the till in that shop chastised me for my terrible taste and told me I should watch Emmerdale instead. Oh, if only they knew the terrible depths...

I won't be around for the rest of this week as I am taking Graham on holiday to a mystery destination so we can commiserate celebrate his birthday. He is turning... officially very old. I am a bit worried as I am not very good at planning trips (especially when it comes to Graham's birthday - see the last paragraph of this post for some examples) but I am really looking forward to it. I'm sure we'll have a good time. One of the unexpectedly good things about going away is that we get to escape our super annoying neighbours and get a decent night's sleep. On Wednesday, they pressed our buzzer repeatedly at 3am. Last night, they went out and left one poor drunken moron locked in their flat by accident. He couldn't escape so he banged his fists on the door and screamed for about 30 minutes. I like to think it was the same moron who pressed our buzzer. Take that, you uber moron! Ha ha! Both these late night happenings really freaked out Lola. I was feeling sorry for her but I just heard one of our neighbours opening their door and Lola ran to our door and actually growled at them so I guess she can stand up for herself. She has impeccable taste!

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