Friday, February 19, 2010

whodunnit? shedunnit!

Did you watch it? Oh my! Bradleeeeeeey! I've always had a big soft spot for Bradley and his rosy cheeks, so it was tough viewing for me, as I'm sure it was for many of you. Who could not love Bradley? (And did you see him getting all emotional on the post-show interviews? So sad!) I'm also gutted about who the murderer is. Staceeeeeeey! I love Stacey. I don't want her to go to jail :(

Thanks for all your entries. I have compiled your predictions and will share them here. Don't be embarrassed, people - hindsight is a wonderful/terrible thing and you weren't to know how silly you would look in the end ;)

Here goes... Almost 20% of you thought the killer was Peggy, who came out on top with five votes. Sean Slater came second after three of you fell for the red herring gossip. (To be fair, you were close - right family, at least.) Third equal, with two votes each, were Jack, Roxy, Ryan and Becca. Ten characters got one vote each, ranging from the frankly ridiculous (Frank, baby Amy and Roly the long-dead poodle) to the highly unlikely (Jane - too sensible, Pat - not in the country, Grant - busy filming gangs, Tracey - not trusted with lines in most of the pre-recorded shows, so lord knows they would not trust her with the big reveal on the first live show!) to the plausible (Billy and Sam) to... the correct! Yes, one of you named Stacey as the killer! Congratulations to kdrobertson, who even predicted that Bradley would "take the rap" for it. Talk about taking the rap... :( Also worth mentioning is that four top suspects (Ian, Janine, Phil and Ronnie) got absolutely no votes. Interesting... Even Ronnie herself thought she did it until tonight!

Thanks to everyone who played along - you all made the build up even more fun - and congratulations again to the winner, kdrobertson. Please email me (you can click on the link in my profile) or leave another comment with some way of getting in touch with you. As soon as you prove that you are not a member of the EastEnders production team (just kidding!) and let me know which EastEnders character you would like embroidered, I will get a-stitching. Hooray!


  1. How good was the live episode!
    gutted that I missed your contest altho I probably would have guessed wrong! I just couldn't decide!

  2. I couldn't decide either, Claire. I don't think I would have won anything if I'd entered. It was getting a bit like an Agatha Christie novel for a while there... I thought the live episode was brilliant. My workmates (who had only seen a few minutes apiece it turned out) were slagging it viciously last night. I tried to defend but was sorely outnumbered. Sigh... Why so quick to criticise, people? Maybe they should have entered my competition to get a bit more in the mood! :)


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