Saturday, February 6, 2010

a cockney knees up!

Look who it is! Dot and Ethel! And Willy too!
Look who it is! Pat and Frank!

I am very excited to reveal my new notecard sets. Yippee! After many hours of messing about on the computer by me and two attempts at getting it right by the printer, they are finally just how I wanted them to be. Just look at the colour of Frank's face - working in the car lot is a stressful business, as you can see! And I should point out that no ocelots were harmed in the creation of Ethel's hat.

The notecards are available in my shop now. You can get a pack of two Dots and two Ethels for £6 or you can get a pack of two Pats and two Franks for £6. Not good enough? Then opt for the car lot special offer and get one set of each (that's two Dots, two Ethels, two Pats and two Franks) for the bargainous knock-down price
of £10 for the lot!

And for those of you who are too young to remember Ethel or Frank, the "classic combo" of Dot ad Pat is still available :)

I will be adding these to my etsy shop soon for those of you who prefer to work in dollars. Talking of my shops and EastEnders... Have you noticed something is missing? Yes, my embroideries have vanished suddenly. I have not a single one left! All the embroideries I had have gone to visit the Made in the Shade Maisonette in the hope that someone will see them there and love them enough to take them home. But if you're not in Glasgow and you are desperate for some embroidery, then fear not because I will be sewing up a storm very soon. I will keep you posted.

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