Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tappy claw

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Just dropping by for a final September hello. I am braindead following a long day at the office where I just kept getting landed with the most terrible programmes - Waterloo Road (ugh!) and the Beechgrove Garden to name but two. Actually, I kind of love subtitling the Beechgrove Garden because the accents remind me of my childhood, but my lack of knowledge about all things plant makes it a truly tricky and time-consuming task. Tomorrow I'm learning how to subtitle DVDs, which should be interesting. I like it that there are so many things I don't know about my job even though I've been there nearly a year.

Today was my first day back at work after a three-day weekend. I spent most of my time off doing stuff to the house in our bid to get cosy for winter...and beyond!. It's mostly going well (though we are already having to make some irksome compromises) and I am excited, but tonight I'm hiding in the craft room for fear the new teetering shelves in the living room will fall on me and squash me. Our floors are very uneven and Graham moved our new shelves while I was at work, but obviously didn't use his spirit level. Or his eyes. Ha! We will have to shore them up at the front asap to avoid claustrophobia and/or death by crushing.

I found that putting together flat-pack furniture was not the ideal thing for my hands. I now can't even get dressed (or do what all girls need to do when they visit the toilet - shh!) without yelping or crying. My right pointing finger will not fully straighten or bend so has become my tappy claw of this post's title. It stays in the same position all the time and taps the play/pause subtitling button all day long. I think it is infected too. My knuckle is making strange noises and my claw is hot, swollen up like a sausage and throbs quite violently. This afternoon, the redness started spreading up my arm and I thought I would have to head to A&E for emergency amputation. I resisted, but shall be going back to the doctor again soon, I fear. In the meantime, I have taken to using Savlon as hand cream. Oh dear.

I can't hold a pencil at the moment, let alone a needle and thread, so my crafting is generally not going well, though I have managed to make over 100 pinwheel brooch kits this week (actually, they're not all finished) as the first giant batch vanished. I've also pretty much sold out of bunting in a box (which I thought I had made a crazy huge amount of) but I had a brainwave last night and came up with a labour-saving trick that is going to make them so much more speedy/less faffy to make, even with my tappy claw, so they'll be fully restocked very soon. Hooray!

I still don't really know what I'm doing with this whole crafting thing. I'm not enjoying selling stuff online. Actually, I should rephrase that as I generally don't sell much/anything online! What I don't enjoy is the listing and photographing and describing etc. I'm a bit torn, though, after having a few really sweet nudges (including my first ever treasury appearance!) to get more stuff in my etsy shop. It also seems like real-life selling opportunities rely on online presence a bit and I definitely do like selling things face to face. I feel I have been considering my crafty motivations for a really long time and am just going round in circles with it and not getting anywhere. The looming festive season is bringing things to a head as I'm really torn between opting out (being a Christmas buyer rather than a Christmas seller) and going all out. Hmmm....

Anyway, this is a ridiculously long and seemingly pointless blog post, but I do consider my blog to be my diary, so this one is just for me, I think. I can't keep a real diary (I get more morose every day I write in them!) so this blog is my substitute diary where I'm too embarrassed to do a full-on whinge as other people can read it, and so I stay relatively positive. For me. I'm actually feeling rather grumbly tonight, but maybe I didn't have to spell that out for you... I think I have some fun and cosy snaps of the new fire on my camera, but I'll save that for October. October!


  1. oh no! I get something similar, which I call Stupid Hands since my doctor/s have never managed to diagnose it properly. Mostly happens when my hands get cold so I'm supposed to wear mittens for half the year (and when getting things out of the freezer...). Hope your doctor figures it out!

  2. I think my claw is down to my skin whatever-it-is having split and then healed when bent, so my skin is too short to let my finger straighten and too scabby/scaly to let it bend. Bleugh! I miss having full use of my hands. I will try subtitling with mittens on tomorrow ;) I shouldn't joke, since I have been sleepig in rubber gloves of late! Man, I'm so attractive these days...

  3. Oh Laura! That's completely rubbish! x

  4. I have been accused of sympathy mongering (huh!) so feel duty bound to report that the claw is a bit better today and I am no longer considering amputation.
    ps Just this minute finished reading Middlesex. Thanks for the recommendation - I really enjoyed it :)

  5. Sore hands - I know what that's like Laura - poor you! For me, ditching the washing up gloves altogether made a HUGE difference, and Aveno cream. I's made of magic.

    It's sometimes hard to stay motivated with the online stuff. It can just seem to change like the weather - sunny one minute then a month of rain then sunny intervals! But I definitely find the more frequently I list and re-list makes a big difference tho I never ever feel like I'm on top of things!

    Keep on keeping on!!


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