Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween

Happy halloween! Hope you have a spooky evening. I know I'll be having nightmares about the costume Noel Edmonds has been wearing on Deal Or No Deal all week... That show seems to be on TV more than is humanly possible and I am sure I did more than my fair share of subtitling it this week, shuddering at the sight of Noel every single time. I now don't have to go into work for over a week, however. Woo hoo! I'm on holiday! I just got home from my last day and ate (lots of) Chinese food with Graham. Now we are going to watch Psychoville with a glass of wine and then head to bed. Thanks to some neighbours having a very noisy halloween party in the back garden until all hours (including drunken flirting at shouting volume, which was admittedly quite amusing, and singing New York New York) I am very tired today. But I am happy. Amazing what the prospect of a week off does for your mood! :)

ps To elaborate on this happy vibe, I was going to watch tomorrow's EastEnders on my lunch break today because I so didn't want Janine to get squashed by a train and I just had to know what happened and know now, now, now. Lo and behold, I ended up having to subtitle it, so I got to see it and got paid for the privilege! It also means I have an extra half hour of free time tomorrow. Being on holiday rocks!


  1. Thanks, I'm sure I will! :) Though it might be a bad sign that the first activity I have planned is a trip the supermarket...?

  2. Oh my god that psychoville was scary! The jack-o-lantern! The creepy costume kids! David's werewolf mother! ;-) Enjoy your week - supermarket visits and all x

  3. It was great, wasn't it? The jack-o-lantern was probably my favourite bit and we felt nice and smug for noticing lots of little horror nods. All our Hammer/Amacus viewing (combined with watching Mark Gatiss's series on BBC 4) has paid off! I love being a know-it-all :)

    ps Supermarket trip v successful - got everything on the list except courgettes

  4. It's always the bloody courgettes isn't it?! The worst is when you realise just as you leave and dither for ten minutes deciding whether or not to go back in... x


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