Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a sneaky peek

Do you remember my winter pom-pom fetish* last year? Well, this year it's back with a vengeance, but I am determined that more people will feel the fuzzy love with me this time around. Here's a wee sneaky peek at something pom-pom related that I'm working on just to get your pom-pom juices flowing. I really am slaving away behind the scenes these days, but don't feel like I've had that much to show for it. I've got lots of projects on the go that are about 70% done so hopefully I'll have lots of fun new things to share here over the next couple of weeks. Hooray! For now though, I need to go and buy cake. Well, it IS on my to-do list after all.

* Now I'm looking forward to google analytics telling me how many people have found my blog by googling "pom-pom fetish"!

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