Thursday, December 16, 2010

it's beginning to look a bit like christmas

I'm still not quite feeling the festive vibe. Even though the clues are all in place, it hasn't quite hit me that Christmas is actually coming. I keep thinking Christmas mentions on the telly are too early and that people posting parcels are too efficient for their own good. Can Christmas really be just over a week away? The evidence...
My already outrageous alcohol intake has increased and as well as the usual beer/wine/whisky, I have found myself drinking things like amaretto (mmm - goes great with a wee mince pie) and pink sparkling wine from our fancy cocktail glasses. I have also been eating more cheese than you would think would be humanly possible. Oh yeah, and the afore mentioned mince pies.
I can't remember the last time I left the house without my wellies on, as you can see in this crazy curling mirror we saw in an antique/junk shop this week. I'm clinging onto hand rails and walking at snail's pace wherever I go for fear of slipping on the ice (which will not go away) and my bum still hurts from a nasty fall last week.
The shops have festive window displays and the charity shops are suddenly full of the Christmas tat they've been hoarding since January. This window display is from a charity shop in Partick. That man will be detoxing come January if he knows what's good for him!
Mmmm! Delicious...?
Our tree and other decorations are up and the cats have got their annual tinsel fever.
Here's the worried monkey decoration I bought last year, from somebody who had a stall next to me at a market. Oo-oo! I love him and his little furrowed brow and his oversized bell.
I'm trying really hard, but it still doesn't feel like Christmas to me.


  1. Firstly happy new year Just read your blog wow your talented: )
    Wondering how much you would charge me to buy that curler mirror and send it to me ?

    Just remembered my google account lol

  3. Hi, thanks for your comment :) I think you'll be lucky if the mirror is still there (was quite a while since I saw it) but I'll email you the phone number of the shop so you can ask.


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