Thursday, August 2, 2012

mark phwoargh-ster

I've been watching lots of the Olympics this week and am quite an expert in the field of swimming now.  I think I would have got into the swimming anyway, but having Mark Foster to look at certainly makes me less likely to channel hop!  What a hottie!  When I googled "Mark Foster" images there were A LOT of topless shots, which I thoroughly recommend you look at, but I felt I should include Clare Balding in the picture as I'm also enjoying her presence, albeit in a totally different way.  Besides, I kind of prefer the fully-clothed Mark, making it easier to visualise him being my actual boyfriend while leaving me more to dream about/anticipate.  (Sorry if that is too much information!)  Mark Foster reminds me a little bit of my new cardiology consultant.  Thank goodness I don't have an appointment with him for a few months.  I'm sure I would be blushing furiously even though the resemblance is really not strong/existent.  I don't feel comfortable saying any more about this thoroughly teenage matter, but just let it be known that I have called dibs on Mark Phwoargh-ster.

And from teenage brain to total senility...  Graham nearly spat out his mouthwash this morning when I asked him if he had heard the new velodrome song by the Chemistry Brothers.  The Chemistry Brothers?!  What has happened to my brain?  Words escape me... on an almost hourly basis!  Thank goodness Mark Foster is only interested in me for my bod ;)

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