Wednesday, September 12, 2012

day in the life - monday 10th september 2012

Midnight - midday
Dulcie sleeps better than she has been lately and just gets me up a couple of times.  While giving her her second feed of the night at 5.30am, I think about how I would like to raise money for the British Heart Foundation but am not the type to walk the West Highland Way etc.  I come up with a plan to open an online shop either on Etsy or Folksy.  When Dulcie goes back to bed, I can't get back to sleep so I lie in bed planning my "charity shop" until I give up on sleep and get up for the day.  I have toast and butter and a cup of decaf coffee while browsing the internet for any insight into whether Etsy or Folksy would best suit my purpose.  This research reminds me how time consuming listing items is and I start to get cold feet over my grand plan, which has got a lot more complicated since I came up with it an hour or two earlier.  Dulcie gets up at about 7.30 (if my memory serves me correctly - I took no notes today) and I give her a bit more milk then medicine and breakfast.  I spend the morning playing with Dulcie (who is being quite easy going today) and getting her and me washed and dressed.  I manage to get some minor tidying up done before popping Dulcie in the baby carrier and heading out to the underground.

Dulcie and I get off the underground in town and head to the train station to meet my mum.  Once she arrives we all get back on the underground and head to the west end for lunch and Kember and Jones.  For once we don't have to queue and get a table straight away.  I have my usual - a goats cheese salad - and it is just as delicious as ever, which is very, very, very delicious indeed.  I have taken a wee packed lunch for Dulcie and she sits quite happily in the high chair to eat it, even though we have to wedge her in with all three of our jackets and she still slides down to a strange angle.  She starts getting grumpy just as we finish eating (good timing!) so we head home where we have a cup of coffee and an empire biscuit that my mum made herself and brought with her.  My mum keeps Dulcie entertained most of the afternoon and I start the MAMMOTH task of clearing out (I mean clearing out as in emptying completely, not just tidying up) the craft room.  I make a good start, throwing out lots of large items and bin bags to the back lane since tomorrow is the day the council comes to collect them.  This is most satisfying.  After a while I stop, shake the the dust off myself and the three of us head out with the pram to the supermarket to get a couple of missing ingredients for tonight's dinner.  When we get back my mum entertains Dulcie again (I am loving having a live-in baby-sitter already and it is only day one of her week-long visit) while I make dinner - a sweet potato curry with lashings of peanut butter.  I've been allergy testing Dulcie over the last week or so and she has shown no reactions so she'll be eating it too, lucky thing.  The sweet potatoes take a ridiculously long time to cook, so dinner is a bit late, but is very tasty when it arrives.  After dinner Graham gives Dulcie her bath while my mum and I tidy up the kitchen.  I give Dulcie a feed  while watching EastEnders and she dozes off looking all contented but is not keen to be in her cot and keeps waking/screaming every time I try to put her in there.  I fall asleep while cuddling her in the chair in the bedroom, but when I wake up I discover that she is sound asleep too (not having been dropped or smothered by her irresponsible sleeping mother) and I finally manage to get her into her bed just after 9.  I dig out some photo frames and put in a few family pictures to have in the living room, chatting to my mum while I do.  Graham leaves us in peace and spends the evening doing mysterious internet business in the kitchen.  We both manage to sneak into bed without waking Dulcie up.  When Graham gets up to go to the toilet, however, Dulcie is not best pleased and the screaming begins.  Fortunately for anyone reading this, that was at midnight so you can be spared the horror of the rest of my sleep-deprived night!

And I think that is about it for my Day In The Life.  Marceline should be posting links to everyone else's posts once she's back from her jaunt up north, but I think Claire has collated some of them already if you just can't wait to see what anyone else got up to on this day.

p.s. Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I may have my mum here to help me this week, but Dulcie and the craft room are still keeping me busy!  Feels really good to be making some progress with my outstanding to-do list though :)


  1. Having babysitters is great isn't it? The girls went over to my mums last weekend as Matt was at the cricket and I was at a fair and as he didn't pick them up until late on Sunday I had the whole day to myself!! It was fab - lots of little jobs done and a bit of chilling too. Make the most of your mum while she is there!

    1. Oh, don't worry, I am most definitely making the most of her! Can't believe it's Wednesday night already...

  2. sweet potato and peanut butter - ugh! ;) I've added you to the round up.

    1. Ha! That was pretty much Graham's reaction when I made it for him nine years back in an attempt to seduce him. Still bagged him in the end though and he loves my cooking now, I'm sure! ;)


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