Wednesday, December 26, 2012

we did it (or had it done for us)

 So how was it?  We had a lovely Christmas Day.  My mum (with her helper, my dad) did absolutely everything for us, which was amazing.  My input in the kitchen extended to putting sprinkles on top of the trifle and that was it.  We were truly spoiled.  Dulcie stayed in her cosy Christmas sleepysuit all day and was very good.  She sat through the whole of Christmas dinner (mmmm!) with no complaints and ate loads in true Christmas style.  Just check out that fat little face.
 We had gone pretty low key on presents, but she still had to open them in installments throughout the day as it was quite a taxing job for her and she wanted to examine each one very closely or wander off and read her books in between.  Her granma is coming to visit later on, so no doubt she'll have as many presents again today!  She really liked the little things we had chosen for her - a handmade decoration, an old book of nursery rhymes, a box of wooden biscuits and a little house-shaped jigsaw.  Graham has also done a song for her which he's getting made into a one-off record, but that didn't arrive in time.  She'll be none the wiser if she receives it in January, I'm sure!
Dulcie didn't want to wear her paper hat and was clearly quite embarrassed by her parents and their lack of street cred.  She posed like the Fonz and hoped her peers wouldn't judge her too harshly for her embarrassing mother.

So it was a great day, all in all.  I got some really lovely presents too and felt thoroughly looked after and well loved all day long.  What we saw of Christmas telly wasn't bad either.  How amazingly over the top was the ending of EastEnders?!  Loved it!

I hope you had a nice Christmas too.  I'd better go and get ready for Xmas Part Deux with the in-laws today.  I say, "Get ready," but my parents seem to be doing most of the hard work again.  Man, I'm spoiled these days, but I'm making the most of it :)

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