Thursday, June 13, 2013


My dad visited briefly this week to look after Dulcie while Graham and I went to the hospital and IKEA.  Since he retired, my dad's got quite into baking and had made these special salt-free oatcakes for Dulcie.  He even designed and made this special box for them!  Dulcie loves them, but is quite a fan of oatmeal in general.
Here she is using her spoon to eat porridge for breakfast.  We used to have to make her porridge solid so she could pick it up in lumps, but she has very suddenly mastered the art of cutlery (ever since we got her a fork - I think she feels all grown up) so can now have it a bit more runny, which I'm sure must taste better.  Today she even managed to eat a whole bowl of soup with a spoon, bless her.  She's also eating foods she previously would have refused (i.e. swept off her table and all over the floor) now that she has her own fork to use.  I'm glad she's cracked the cutlery thing on her own.  For one thing, it is very cute, but also I had no idea how I was going to persuade her to use cutlery so I'm glad I didn't have to.  Maybe potty training (something I guess I should look into) will be equally easy... she says hopefully?  Ha!  She's certainly very interested in toilet roll and can unravel mounds of the stuff in a jiffy, so perhaps she will be keen to use it for real.  We live in hope.


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    1. They are, aren't they? I got a lovely parcel from you today - thank you! Hopefully I will manage to email you directly to repeat that sentiment too!


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