Saturday, June 29, 2013

the chat

Dulcie can talk!  No, really!  It's been quite an exciting week or two.  I suppose she's been kind of talking for ages, what with her animal noises and the occasional "word", but suddenly it's like she brings out about 100 new words every day and some of them pronounced so perfectly.  I'm having great fun pointing at random objects and asking her what they are just to see if she knows, which more often than not, it seems, she does.  And I am loving all her attempts at verbal communication, like yesterday when she came up to me saying, "Mama! Poop!" to let me know she had done just that on the carpet!  Ha!

All the words ending in a hard sound are the cutest (book, bug, stick, park) and she has a few words that she adds an unnecessary -ie sound to the end of (doggie and baggie, which is her sleeping bag).  I love the words she can say really precisely (yesterday apple, which had been "ap", suddenly became "app-uhl") but my favourite has to be the somewhat more imprecise "whik", which she says when pointing at the cats' whiskers.  And the cats, incidentally, get called Bob and Yo instead of Poppy and Lola.

Here's a little video of her repeating one of her favourite nursery rhymes parrot-style.  I should explain that putting her hand behind her back apparently means "over" as she does this every time.  I'm not sure where that came from.  Dulcie is loving nursery rhymes these days, having been getting really into this lovely Mother Goose collection that my parents gave her for her first Christmas.  "Buckle" is another word that she says really clearly when she wants to hear Bobby Shaftoe (or when she's playing with the straps in her pram).

I'm hoping to be back soon with a blog post for Day In The Life, which was on Monday.  I took lots of photos (for part of the day, at least) but haven't found any time to put them together with some words.  If I manage to sort the photos tonight (if!) then I might write the accompanying post on my lunch break tomorrow, which is how I am managing to write this today.  Watch this space, but not too avidly because a) I might not manage to write the post at all and b) even if I do, it probably won't be that interesting!

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