Thursday, August 14, 2014

work in progress

 Dulcie's been in her new bedroom for about four weeks now, but there's still plenty of finishing touches to be made.  Here, at last, is a picture of the curtains I made.  Pretty swell, huh?  I seriously love them.  Want to know my top curtain-making tip, one that I discovered myself and wish I'd known earlier?  If you want curtains that touch the floor, make them a few millimetres shorter than you actually want them.  I painstakingly hemmed these by hand so that they were just glancing across the carpet, only for them to sink down as they settled in, only a millimetre or two, but enough to make their hang not quite the thing of beauty it was initially.
I've started hanging pictures and putting in all the bits and bobs.  I'll share more photos soon, but here's a (very bad) picture of Dulcie's wall of many wonders in the meantime.  I've been collecting cards and prints for her over the last year (or more) for this purpose and I'm so happy to see them in situ at last.  I hung these while Dulcie was at nursery one day, thinking she'd be really excited when she got home.  When I showed her this, however, she burst into floods of tears instead.  Turns out she had wanted to help me to hang them.  Heartbroken would not be an exaggeration.  She cried for ages until I ended up crying too.  Sometimes it feels like I can do no right...and I only want to make her happy!  Waaa!
Anyway, I think I'm going to be getting a gold star for interior design soon (if only I was still at Brownies so I could boast about my interior design badge) but perhaps not for interior-design photography.  I've already got lots more in place that I want to share.  Hopefully I'll manage to do it justice soon.  If I can get a better picture of the wall of many wonders, I'll add some links to let you know where some of the prints/cards came from.
I love Dulcie's bedroom!  I'd love it even more if she'd actually sleep through the night in it...


  1. The curtains look absolutely lovely - well done! :)

    1. Thank you, Hilde :) I do love them. That fabric was such a lucky find. I just stumbled across it, but it's perfect for the room - loud and cosy all at once and they go with everything but don't go with anything, if you know what I mean...? And they are cheerful! Yay!


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