Saturday, December 13, 2008

advent calendar

Every year for the past eight years or so, my sister and I have swapped advent calendars.  We spend all year finding little trinkets to put in them but every November I still end up with a mad rush to find the last fourteen gifts or so!  Advent calendar time always comes round so quickly.  You're thinking it's a Christmas thing but it is nearly a whole month before plus my sister lives in France so you need to allow postage time.  For 2009, I'm going to make advent calendar eye peeling a top priority because Kerry has given me some real beauties this year.
For starters, the advent calendar arrived with a little wooden decoration pegged to each of the 24 pockets.  If these decorations had been wrapped up inside the pockets, it would have been the best advent calendar ever but they were just an added bonus!  My favourite one is the yellow scarfed ice-skater shown above.  She's lovely and has such a purposeful skating stride.  I haven't hung the decorations on the tree this year because I'm loving seeing them on the advent calendar too much!  Apparently Kerry found two sets of these decorations (so she has a matching set to keep) in a charity shop for 3 Swiss francs which is about £1.50.  What a bargain.
These lions were in pocket number 1 and keep making me chuckle.  I think they spent their childhoods clenching and relaxing to build up buttocks powerful enough to grasp documents reliably.
Today I got these tiny spoons.  I love the tiny!  That is a 5p piece beside them.  I think I might string them on a chain to make a little jingly necklace of them, although they would look very cute hanging on the Christmas tree too...

But my absolute favourite gifts were the wooden triangle people in the top picture.  They appeared from pockets 2 and 3 and have already been promoted to the status of treasured possessions.  

I think Kerry has beaten me in the advent calendar creating competition this year but all this greatness has certainly motivated me for 2009!  Like I said about the decoration swap, "I'll do better next time!"

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