Thursday, June 4, 2009

buttercups, buttons, buttcracks

Here is the buttercup, picked by Graham (in the manliest possible way) earlier this week while out for a cycle.
Here are portraits of some of the best buttons I got in a charity shop last week.  I bought quite a few sets (mostly for putting on cards and selling) and ended up getting these individual ones for free.  I made a lot of new (old) friends in the process.  It turns out nice old ladies don't think my button plan is evil - in fact, they rather like it!  The lady who sold/gave these to me was the original owner of the buttons and she was delighted to think they'd be going off to live in lots of loving new homes.
She was also particularly glad I chose these tiny pink ones as they were her favourites.  I think I am keeping this set for myself.
I'm definitely keeping these ones for my growing buttons-on-original-cards collection.  I love them!
These are some of the more unusual buttons from sets I got for making up more of my button cards. 

And the buttcracks?  Well, that is as close as you are likely to hear me get to swearing, all because of the thought of getting back to the assessment marking and report writing I've been doing all day.  Grrr.  So much for the election bringing me a happy little holiday...

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