Thursday, July 2, 2009

I also want...

... this top so badly. I'd seen a few people wearing it and loved it but didn't find out it came from Dorothy Perkins until it was in the sale and sold out in all but extra large or extra small sizes. You can't see it so well from this picture but the print is made up of tiny horses. If you see this top anywhere in a size 12 or (preferably) a size 14 please tell them to keep it for me...
I love it :(


  1. Oh, i have this top! Not only that, but I had it on today. I coveted it for ages and then scored it in the sale. Will keep eyes peeled for you!

  2. Can I say I hate you and thank you all in one breath? Jealousy is a terrible thing :) I don't think I have ever felt such an extreme need for an item of clothing - I have been personally phoning shops all over the country! It is looking like a lost cause. Maybe I'll see it in a charity shop in a few years...


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