Monday, July 20, 2009

a second hand cat and a popular bear

We went for a long meander today and a browse round the shops that hadn't decided to close for the Glasgow bank holiday. I'm not sure why Glasgow has its own special holidays. We decided to leave Helensburgh for tomorrow in case its shops had closed for the Glasgow fair too. Here are a couple of the fun things we spotted while we were out and about.
I snapped this picture of a cat having a nap in Relics, the most overcrowded but fun second hand shop ever. Can you see him there on the box? He was so relaxed but definitely a real cat - I saw him move his tail plus we had stroked him out on the street a couple of weeks ago. I love shops with their own cat.
If you're from Glasgow this is probably a familiar sight to you but, believe it or not, I have readers from all over the world (honestly!) who might be interested in this off the beaten track tourist attraction. This bear (Paddington?) is a permanent fixture in this first floor flat window on Clarence Drive and he changes his outfits to suit the weather, or the seasons at least. That's a sun hat he's wearing there. He's a very popular bear (I even heard Jonathan Ross mention him on the radio once!) and people send him postcards from all over the world. You can see his recent postcards displayed beside him in the window there and he gets new ones all the time. I did hear a rumour that the flat was sold on the condition that the new owners kept him on display in the window but I don't know if that's true or not. I kind of like to think it is.

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