Saturday, August 7, 2010


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I love this cat gocco print by keeki. I got some new colours of gocco ink yesterday and they are so lovely - turquoise, gold, fluorescent pink, mustard... I've been plotting a new gocco print on and off for a few months now. I haven't used my gocco since I made the ice-cream van cards over a year ago! I thought I had the design sort of finalised and this week I drew most of the bits for it, but couldn't quite bring myself to commit. After chatting to a couple of people, I realised it wasn't (only!) the usual gocco fear that was putting me off, and that my design wasn't actually getting across the things that had most made me want to print it in the first place. I'm starting from scratch (back to the doodling on envelopes and old receipts) but I have a good feeling about it now, so hopefully I should be able to share my own gocco print here soon, instead of just stealing other people's. I'm so excited! Yay gocco!

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