Saturday, August 7, 2010

not so rubbish after all

Talk about good timing! My mum and dad got back today from visiting my sister and just sent me a photo of my eldest niece Kim's newly decorated (super duper pink) bedroom. And what is that hanging on the wall? A-hem! It's the giant cupcake bunting that I made for Kim about three years ago, long before my blogging days. Now I don't feel like quite such a rubbish auntie, despite the dinosaur fiasco.
And for a bonus auntie point, here's a photo of (some of) the people who know me as Auntie Laura - Angus, Gav, Kim, Kerry (my sister) and baby Ruth.

I think I've done a bit too much blogging today, but it is good to throw yourself back in with gusto after a period of non-blogging. It's funny how quickly you can become self-conscious when you don't blog for a bit... and how quickly you can get over that self-consciousness and start posting random pictures of pink bedrooms and family members!

p.s. I bought myself the cat gocco print from two posts back :)

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