Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a double celebration

I have to admit I was a little sneaky in blogging about the weather yesterday - a very lame topic, I know. But the fates had so nearly collided and just needed a tiny little helping hand/nudge, a harmless enough weather-related post yesterday, in order to make the magic happen today. You see, not only is today my three year blogaversary (whoop!) it is also my 500th post (double whoop!). I wish I could think of something more interesting to say on this momentous occasion, but my most hated shifts at work have pretty much wiped my brain this week. I couldn't even think of an exciting giveaway for the occasion. Good grief, what is happening to me?!

Hmm, we couldn't let it pass unmarked at all though, could we, so how about a little exclusive discount for dropstitch readers in my etsy shop? Just enter the code DROPSTITCH at checkout to get 25% off your total order (and remember I always offer free shipping within the UK). I'll keep that code active until the end of the month, but not a moment longer. Enjoy :)


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