Tuesday, June 28, 2011

you're fired... gently in the oven

Image pilfered with permission from the biscuit maker's blog.

Nikki McWilliams' Alan Sugar biscuits gave me my first laugh of the day this morning, so I thought it was only fair to share. How good?! Alan Sugar's beard makes me feel a bit squeamish in real life, but the biscuit version looks decidedly delicious.

While you're over at Nikki's blog, be sure to check out her less edible biscuits too. I dream of diving into a sofa covered in Nikki's Tunnock's Teacake and Caramel Wafer cushions. Mmmm!


  1. That's such a fab biscuit! :-)

  2. Isn't it just? I think Nikki should get some Alan Sugar cookie cutters manufactured in time for the Christmas market. You could have one of the head and one of the pointing finger. I think they'd end up in every Christmas stocking around the country! Please, Nikki?


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