Thursday, August 25, 2011

the cube defeats max branning

I am so enjoying Shooting Stars being back on the telly. What a hoot. Have you seen this week's episode yet? The game at the end was hilarious, partly because of Vic and Bob and partly because The Cube is just hilarious in its own right. I love The Cube. I hope it's still on by the time our child is old enough to watch TV. Ah, the ambitions we have for our children, eh? Ha! The Cube really reminds me of classic telly from my childhood. Remember the Adventure Game? The bit that really appealed to me was the grid hovering above space that they had to walk across.

Kerry and I used to play this using the floor tiles in our hallway. I think we had a plant that looked a bit like the plant from the Adventure Game. What was the point of the plant? I can't quite remember.

If you consult my schedule from yesterday, you will see that today's assignment is swimming. I'm a bit tired, though, after the last two days of swimming and cleaning (and working) so I think I'm going to swap today's swimming with tomorrow's crochet and take it a bit easy. Lovely.

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