Monday, August 15, 2011

weekend away

We are just back from a very nice weekend away in and around Aberfeldy, land of the creepy shop dummies. My mum and dad had been holidaying there all week and the original plan was that we would join them this weekend to go to the Highland Games. Unfortunately, the Games were cancelled earlier in the week when the rain was really bad and the field they use for them had ducks swimming on it. We still had a lovely time though, just wandering around all the nice little shops, eating cakes and visiting the world's oldest living thing, a 5000-year-old yew tree. We saw the nicest ever toast rack in a little antique shop. I struggled hard to leave it behind and kind of regret it now. It was the same as this one, but in not quite such good condition. I think I should have bought it. Ah well, another £15 for the baby fund.
On Sunday we spent most of the day in Pitlochry, since Graham and I were catching our train home from there. We stumbled across a car boot sale, which turned out to have just one car in it, but Graham still managed to find yet another guitar for his collection and couldn't wait to get home before he tried it out.
We had a delicious lunch at the Moulin Inn, the prettiest little old pub ever. I had been fancying macaroni cheese and chips for weeks and the macaroni I got there was the best macaroni I have ever tasted. Mmm! That's my mum and dad, by the way.
Here are Graham and I squinting in the sun. My bump seemed to turn from a little pot belly to a proper baby bump overnight last week. My mum (who is doing very well at accidental scare-mongering!) thought I looked enormous and helpfully told me that she quadrupled in size when she was between four and five months pregnant. I have only just gone four months and now have the fear about how big I am going to end up. Part of me wants to get the full pregnancy experience and look like a beached whale, but the other part of me is rather worried at how stretched I feel already... Will I really just keep getting bigger for another five months?

I recently had to buy a new swimming suit because my old one is stretched and perished to the point that I worry it will disintegrate in the pool and leave me bare bottomed in public. I bought the new swimming suit from ebay and had decided to try going up another size to accommodate the bump. When it arrived I thought I had better try it on quickly to make sure it fitted me OK, so I slipped it on on top of my underwear with my socks still on and instantly had a flashback to the Roly Polys, incredible tap dancing sensation of the 1980s. With the addition of a hat, I think I could have passed for a member. It's lucky I always wanted to be a Roly Poly really :)


  1. Your baby bump is beautiful and yes, you will continue to get bigger for another five months. When carrying Francesca I was pregnant from my eyebrows to the soles of my feet!! The others weren't just as bad though, don't panic! You will stretch more than you can imagine and your body will forever look like it has been lived in by someone else, it's not a bad thing, just one of the joys of motherhood xxx

  2. I'll keep up the swimming and moisturising and hope for the best... I'm trying to convince myself that just having a bump counts as a workout. I certainly feel like I've done about 1000 sit ups a day!

  3. Three days before I had my baby, my GP told me I had officially the worst stretchmarks she'd ever seen - when I had spent the previous seven months avoiding the full-length mirror and slathering on various lotions. It made zero difference, and the shock announcement almost sent me into labour. I wish I'd saved my money, all I did was end up making Ms Clarins and Mr Bio Oil and Mrs Sanctuary richer.

  4. I had heard great things about Bio Oil, but still couldn't bring myself to part with the cash. I am enjoying moisturising my bump, though I don't really believe it will help much in fending off stretchmarks. Can't do any harm to try though! I don't think I've actually got much bigger since this photo was taken, so maybe I won't be the size of a house after all :)


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