Tuesday, January 10, 2012

crochet lady

I came across this giant crocheted lady in a shop window while out for our daily perambulation today. She was pretty striking!
Here's Graham (and Dulcie) for scale, although this photo actually makes the crochet lady look smaller than she was in real life. I think her big, crocheted bosoms gave Dulcie ideas as she cried for food from here until we got home.
And a close up of the crocheted shoes. I'm not sure who made this crochet lady or for what purpose, but I liked it a lot nonetheless.

(Edit: It's by Rita McGurn, I think. Should have done my research properly before hitting publish. Sorry.)

Talking of crochet, I am hoping to do a bit of a retrospective post on Craftathon 2011 at some point this month and share my (loose!) crafty plans for 2012. No particular reason to forewarn you of this post, but I'm more likely to get round to doing it if I mention it here.

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