Thursday, January 12, 2012

d day (dulcie's due date)

Dulcie praying that she can have two birthdays a year and get double the presents and cake. Excuse my boob!

Today is Dulcie's due date, which is a bit mental for want of a better word. I'm feeling kind of nostalgic about the whole thing and still wishing everything could have been different. Sigh. But I am trying to focus on the positives, something I'm getting very good at, or doing a lot of at least. There are a lot of positives, I know, Dulcie herself being the main one.
And haven't we all come such a long way since our tiny tot made her unscheduled entrance nine weeks ago? Not that you'd know it from this photo taken today! Dulcie just couldn't keep her pink bonnet out of her eyes and it reminded me of this snap from her actual birthday.
Happy unbirthday, Dulcie! I will fight your corner for double the presents and cake.


  1. Happy Un Birthday Dulcie :) You are too young to be eating cake so mummy and daddy better do it for you!

  2. It is a little crazy.
    She has made such progress for someone who is only nine weeks old!
    And please don't apologise for your boobies ever again, they are magic and wonderful and keep Dulcie alive and well and you should show them with pride!
    Have cake, why not?!!

  3. We did indeed have cake yesterday and my slice (coffee and walnut) turned out to be mahoosive! Hopefully Dulcie has been getting coffee and walnut flavoured milk today and getting a little bit of the celebratory vibe that way.

  4. she looks adorable in the picture in the hat! aw!


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