Monday, January 9, 2012

insert real baby here

You may or may not remember when I blogged about this outfit and took a photo of it arranged so that it was easy to imagine the baby that would fit inside it. Just in case anyone did remember that post, I thought it only fair to share a picture of the real baby in said outfit...
... and then I thought I should just share a couple more photos since said baby (with or without said outfit) is so darn cute. Well, we think so anyway.
Here's a tiny baby hand for those of you who don't have tiny baby hands to look at in real life.

We are love-love-loving having Dulcie at home with us and it seems like she is love-love-loving it too if her recent weight gain can be taken as a measure of her contentment. She now weighs a whopping 5 lbs 13 oz and actually gained an ounce a day over the last four days. What a star! I'm feeling very proud of my milk (I know that seems an odd statement) and very happy/relieved that all the hard work paid off and Dulcie is now 100% breast fed, loving it and becoming a bona fide chubster. Getting a premature baby to be a breast feeder is no mean feat, but we totally did it! Woo hoo! Dulcie feeds at least every three hours, sometimes a bit more frequently, so I never get more than two hours' sleep at a time, but I don't really mind for some reason. I think it's because of how excited Dulcie looks when I pick her up to feed her and how funny her farts are afterwards. Oh, how I laughed last night, listening to her trumping away in the dark! Have I really become one of those people? I will try to avoid sharing any details of her nappy contents here, just to be on the safe side.
This week we have been test-driving a second-hand pram that our friends are selling so have been able to leave the house, which is nice. The lovely navy outdoor suit I had bought before her untimely arrival is still way too big for her and may not fit her until the height of summer, but fortunately my auntie sent us this one in tiny baby size. I would never have chosen this in the shops, but now that I see her in it I just love it and wish she could wear it all the time. The suit is so thick that it makes Dulcie go stiff as a board with her limbs akimbo like a little starfish and the furry hood makes her look like a tiny eskimo. Aw! Add to that the fact that being so cosy sends her into a strange semi-trance and the green light is on for cute baby time!
Here I am (looking healthier and better rested than I am in reality) ready to take Dulcie on her very first outing to the park...
... and here is Dulcie in the pram on that outing. She lives in a world of colourful crochet!


  1. A colourful crochet world sounds like a wonderful place to live!

  2. Yes! Talking of which, have you seen this?!

  3. Mummy milk is magic, dont'cha know!! x

  4. Mummy milk works magic on babies and babies work magic on mummy milk, it seems. Nature is a wonderful thing... though I thank goodness for the modern science/medicine that stopped Dulcie and I from dying! Ha!


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