Tuesday, May 1, 2012

a few of our favourite things

Dulcie gets so many nice presents.  Right now she is loving the mobile above, as am I.  It's not really meant to be wall mounted like that, but the ceiling in our bedroom is too high to hang it from.  Even if we could get it up there, Dulcie would need binoculars to see it from her bed.  The room that will be hers some day is of a normal height, so once she moves in there we'll be hanging it from the ceiling where it can move freely.  For now we have hung it on the wall just above where we change her nappies and she is quite fascinated by it.  Anything that might stop her shouting about getting her nappy changed is a good thing in my book, but it also gives me a chance do my best weatherman impression.  I pretend I'm doing it to boost Dulcie's language skills.  Really I just want to be John Kettley.
Dulcie got these boots a while back and just fits in them now.  Ironically, these boots are from Boots.  I love them and think they are the cutest thing ever, but Dulcie is not used to having the extra weight on her feet so won't tolerate them.  I put them on in the house for a minute or two now and again, but I'm not convinced she'll ever agree to wear them out.  Too bad.
And this little dookit in our living room shelves is making me smile at the moment.  Dulcie doesn't appreciate that these letters have anything to do with her (or even that they are letters) but she does seem to enjoy looking at them.  I'll probably move these into her own room (once she has one) along with the mobile.

The day I was photographing these, Dulcie was wearing the most amazing hand-knitted cardigan and the cutest little ladybird-spotted coat, both presents, but she managed to be sick all over them before I had managed to photograph them.  Bummer.  She really has had a lot of presents so I suppose I could never capture them all, but I will try to share the cardigan and coat another day because they are mega.  Yes, I said mega.  I must have been inspired by the '80s collar on the cardigan.  You'll understand when you see it.


  1. Aww, I am so glad she likes the mobile! The letters are lovely, too.

    1. She was bound to like it! Yet more proof of your great taste :) Thank you!


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