Tuesday, May 29, 2012

getting used to the heat

Dulcie and I have both got a bit better at coping with the heat.  It got easier for Dulcie when I finally accepted that it was OK for her to leave the house with flesh showing/less than four layers on...  Bring on summer - we're ready for you!  Dulcie and I have hardly been in the house over the last week, spending lots of time on the grass in the park under the shade of a tree or just wandering about while Dulcie napped behind her makeshift pram curtains.  How cute is her little blue suit in this picture?  We got it while out on a day's charity shopping on Saturday and it had never even been worn.  I can only guess that the original owner's baby was the right size in the wrong season because I can't think of any other reason for passing it on unworn.
  Talking of our day's charity shopping, here's how Dulcie looked when we woke her from her super-long, heat-induced nap behind her pram curtains while stopping off to refuel halfway round our route.  Poor wee sleepy face!  I know I once promised never to discuss the contents of nappies on this blog, but... moments after this photo was taken, Dulcie had her first dirty nappy in over four days, delivering the goods just as I was starting to get really worried.  This temporary constipation has been the only downside of her foray into the world of solid food, but you'll all be delighted to hear (ha!) that she has been very regular ever since shifting that first problem jobby.  She's now enjoying sweet potato and/or melon on a daily basis and will be trying carrots soon too.  Before you know it, we'll be making pureed-fruit-and-veg cocktails.  I hear that butternut squash and pear is a combo that all the hip babies are enjoying these days.  How terribly avant garde!

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