Friday, July 20, 2012

a day out

 At the weekend we went on a family day out for a jaunt round the charity shops of the South Side.  Dulcie's hectic feeding schedule meant we set off a bit later than planned and had to miss out half our usual route, but it was still a good day.  Clarkston, where they had these swanky new benches, yielded the only finds of the day.
 I was quite enchanted by this old book of baby names, but I left it behind for someone who actually has a baby to name.  It was a very slim volume but passed the ultimate test as it had the name Dulcie in it.
 As it was listed under the rather hideous-sounding Dulcibella, I doubt anyone buying the book would end up choosing it for their baby!
 A week or two ago, I favourited this little shelf on etsy...
 ... so I was very pleased to find this beauty in the Cancer Research shop.  I officially have too many house-shaped shelves (and not a single thimble) but this one was too nice to leave behind.
Once the shops closed, Dulcie was good enough to let us go out for dinner.  We ate in The Bungo where the food is delicious.  Sorry to sound like a chav, but make sure you order something with chips.  Mmmmmm!


  1. Oh i should definitely go and buy that baby book! I live on the southside and am due to give birth next month and still no name! Julie xxx

  2. It's a slim volume, but it's all about quality and not quantity! We found the whole name thing pretty easy in the end. I guess we were lucky that our favourite boy/girl names matched. The middle name took a bit more debate, but in the end we just went with one without giving it too much thought - one of the many perils of an early baby! We're lucky we still like it :)


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