Thursday, July 5, 2012

clenched or relaxed

Arse tea cosy by Crueltea on Etsy

I'm trapped under a snoozy baby (catching up after her sleepless nights in Elgin, I think) and have been entertaining myself by mooching around on Twitter.  I got caught up reading an interesting thread of posts about made-up family games.  Our family had lots of made-up games, but the one that sprung to my mind and the one that I wanted to share here was Clenched Or Relaxed, a game I made up as a teenager.  The rules are simple.  While walking, player one says, "Clenched or relaxed?" and player two has to guess whether player one's buttocks are, you guessed it, clenched or relaxed.  It takes quite a degree of skill not to give away your buttock status in your walk.  Graham is never particularly keen to play, but I'm hoping Dulcie will enjoy it (or indulge me!) when she's older.

Do you play any made-up games?


  1. I love that thread of family games - and especially the idea of Clenched or Relaxed (we play a similar game called Buns Of Steel!!!)

    1. Hee hee! I was trying to think of more games to share here, but they all seemed to involve bums...


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