Monday, March 3, 2014

gigging girl

 Yesterday (while I was working - boooo!) Graham took Dulcie to her first gig.  Apparently she had a great time, dancing and clapping non-stop before flaking out and falling asleep through the last few numbers.  We managed to borrow these ear defenders for the day, but I think we might get her a pair of her own for future use, since she had such a good time.  One of Graham's friends gave them a lift to the venue and I think the car journey was probably just as exciting as the rest of the day!  Dulcie was full of news when I got home from work, which was lovely.
And here she is (post-nap, I think) hanging out with the drummer from the band.  He's actually an old friend of Graham's, we don't just hand her over to any random man with a pint really!

I'd better get going.  I've got a day's annual leave today.  I booked it ages ago for no particular reason and then forgot all about it until a few days ago.  I'm having a really good day so far, helped in no small part by the blue skies and sunshine.  I dropped Dulcie off at nursery a bit later than usual and then headed straight into town to look for pyjamas since Dulcie has suddenly out-grown all her sleepy suits.  I hate looking for clothes etc. for myself, but choosing bits and pieces for Dulcie is fun, fun, fun.  While I was in town, I paid a visit to Niche Optical Tailor and chose a new pair of glasses for myself.  I'm so excited about this as I have been trying and failing to find new frames for a year or so thanks to my incredibly wide head.  No, really.  You might remember Niche sorted me out with my last frames (over three years ago, I think - wowsers) after much fruitless searching elsewhere, and the service today was just as good again.  I must have tried on about 50 pairs.  At one point the young man who was helping me said, "What time do you need to pick your wee girl up?" and I replied, "Don't worry, not for another six hours or so."  He really did look worried, the poor boy!  In the end I was pretty decisive (by my usual standards!) and I'm really happy with the frames I chose.  They'll be ready within the week and I can't wait!  I'm getting my hair cut today too.  I'll be all neat and tidy and shiny and new in time for the springing of spring :)

P.S. Would you belive Graham has a background in photography?  No, me neither!  Ha!

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