Wednesday, March 5, 2014

hot chocolate

Dulcie loves hot chocolate.  Little does she know that HER hot chocolate is none too chocolatey and is really closer to hot milk.
Now that she's getting a bit bigger and more trustworthy (sometimes!) she is able to have hot chocolate from her own special mug.  She drinks with great gusto, as you can see, polishing off the lot in a jiffy.

Today Dulcie spent the afternoon in hospital getting lots of tests.  (She's fine.)  She was so good, really interested in everything that was going on, definitely helped by the amazing staff at Yorkhill Hospital, who all had a great rapport with her, and by all the toys in the various waiting rooms.  She was in super polite mode too - "Thank you, doctor. Thank you, lady.  Bye-bye, hospital."  Such a sweetheart.  On the way home we stopped off at a cafe and shared a slice of chocolate cake and drank hot chocolates.  It was a surprisingly nice afternoon :)

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