Saturday, May 17, 2014

easy cheesy!

 We had workmen round yesterday so had to spend the loveliest day of the year stuck in the house.  We decided to make the most of our confinement, however, and cooked up a storm for most of the day, including these easy cheesy biscuits.  We'd had them earlier in the week at Dulcie's wee pal's house and wee pal's mum kindly gave me the recipe.  They are simple enough that even a toddler can make them, as we shall now demonstrate...
 Weigh out 100g each of plain flour, butter and grated cheese.
 Mix it into a firm dough, adding a little water or flour if your dough seems too wet or too dry.
 Roll out to about half a centimetre thick.
Cut into shapes (we chose dinosaurs) and bake at gas mark 4 for 10 minutes or until golden.
Enjoy with a glass of milk and don't forget to share.
Our day in the kitchen didn't end there.  Dulcie peeled and chopped hard-boiled eggs.  (Chopping is one of her favourite things to do these days and I quite often give her a ripe pear to chop up with a regular table knife.  She gobbles up loads of pears doing this too.)
Later in the day she helped me use up the over-ripe bananas from the fruit bowl to make this banana loaf, minus toppings.  (If you use that recipe, be warned it will take almost twice as long to cook as the recipe suggests.)
After being stuck inside all day, it was good to take what we'd made to the park for a post-work picnic with Graham and get a bit of fresh air.

Our kitchen has never seen so much action in one day before, especially since Graham made delicious guacamole from scratch (avocados going cheap!) once Dulcie had gone to bed so that we could have a tasty treat for our weekly snack session in front of Gogglebox.  Mmmm!

I should add, for honesty's sake, that Dulcie was not mad keen on the cheesy biscuits (which astounded me - they seem like her ideal food) though we grown-ups loved them, as we would since they are two thirds fat and we're meant to be avoiding that!  Also, Dulcie claimed not to like the banana loaf either, but happily ate some for breakfast this morning, so maybe she just wasn't in the mood for it last night.  She also rejected the egg yolks.  Three attempts, three fails!  Oh well, stuck in the house all day, what else were we going to do?  It was not a total waste of time, it was not a total waste of time, it was not a total waste of time...!

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