Thursday, September 11, 2014


Have you noticed how shops are going wild for reward cards and for giving rewards that customers might actually want?  I signed up for a Paperchase Treat Me card this week.  As well as various benefits online and 15% off your first purchase, you get £10 to spend on your birthday (what a treat!) and a free coffee every week, or at least you do in the Glasgow store, where the coffee is delicious.  What's not to love about that?
 Moments after signing up for this card in Paperchase, I went to John Lewis to claim my once-monthly free hot drink AND CAKE, courtesy of my new John Lewis card.  I went for hot chocolate (controversial) and victoria sponge (yum) this time, which should have cost £5.85 apparently, but cost me absolutely nothing, nada, zilcho.

My Waitrose loyalty card (separate from the John Lewis card for some reason) gives me a free tea or coffee every single day.  With these three cards combined, I could be getting approximately 36 coffees and one cake each month for free!

Oh, I do love freebies.  And coffee and cake.

EDITED TO ADD:  I forgot about our IKEA family card!  My free coffee supply is pretty much limitless, certainly more caffeine than my body can handle :)

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