Tuesday, September 23, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 20)

As far as I know, Kerry did not get her hair cut in Asda on June 3rd, but I googled "Asda Dyce 1988" and found this on the first page of images, weirdly!

30th May 1988
Went swimming.  Lyndsey and I made a play.

31st May 1988
Today I wrote about snails.  I went over to Julias house.

was was e OR run run 1st June 1988
Today I was outside playing because it was very hot.

2nd June 1988
Today I woke up as usual got washed and dressed as usual went downstairs and had breakfast as usual.  Then I went to school as usual.  At school I worked as usual made a pom-pom not usual.  In the afternoon we sang with the big ones not as usual.  When I got home I made a spiders web not as usual.  Tonight I went to Rosalynde's birthday party at the Station Hotel.  [I imagine this was not usual, but I don't specify!]

3rd June 1988
I am brainy, I am brainy, I am brainy all the time.  Today we went to Asda.  Kerry got her hair cut again.

4th June 1988
I made a jumping spider.
[There's a picture drawn on this day.  It might be a person in a bed with two blobs floating above them, I'm not exactly sure.]

5th June 1988
I was outside playing all day.  I did not go to church today because mum and dad did not want to go today.  It was very hot today.  I was wearing my cat socks that yuckypoo Garry Niccol gave me.  Islay granny is coming for a week but papa isn't.  I invited Julia over to play.  Her hair is very nice.

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