Tuesday, September 2, 2014

time-travelling tuesday (part 17)

I never got my "cycling proffishoncy".

9th May 1988
8 today.  Yippee.  My birthday.  I am 8.  Goody Goody Gum drops.

It is my birthday today.  This is is is my fountain pen.  I got a lot of things.  I got thrown in at the swiming pool.

10.5.88 10.5.88 10th of 10.5.88
Today I went to school as usal usa usual.  I got a toy mouse from Mrs Scott.

11th of May 1988
Today is today.  Julia had to come over until cycling proffishoncy was fineshed.

12th May 1988
Tonight I went to brownies.  At brownies we made our diary's for brownie camp.  We sang who stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

13th May 1988
Arrived at brownie camp.
I'm forever blowing blowoffs.  Stinky blowoffs in the air.  They get around.  Silent but violent then like my dreams they fade and die.  Blowoffs always hiding, don't look everywhere.  I'm forever blowing blowoffs stinky blowoffs in the air.

14th May 1988
Went on long walk.
[I remember this Brownie camp being really exciting to me and lots of little details have stayed with me, despite my recording NONE of them in my diary for some reason...]

15th of May 1988
Today I arrived home from pack holiday.  I slept in a top bunk.  Its really hot today.

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