Sunday, March 22, 2015

swim sunday #11

Mark Phwoarghster.  Any excuse :)

Target total this week: 598
Lengths swum this week: 114!
Total lengths swum: 588 (10 behind target)

I'd need to swim 65 lengths this week to meet next week's target.

Wowsers!  I'm so proud of my swimming this week :)  I felt good on Monday night and managed to swim 64 lengths (that's a mile!) with not much resting between lengths.  On Thursday morning, I felt rubbish and was thinking that I might manage 10 lengths at a push, but that that was better than no lengths.  Well, then I drove to the pool, tried to get into a parking space and put a massive dent in my new car in the process!  Waaah!  So that was not great for my car or my mood (cue phoning Graham in tears of frustration and embarrassment) but I think the adrenaline rush helped with the swim, because I managed 50 lengths and didn't have the usual struggle to get through each and every one of the first 20.  Every cloud, etc!  And the dent in the car is not as bad as I first thought and I'm pretty much over it.  Pretty much.  I drove to work today without incident.  If I can make it home again, I'll be back on the road officially.

I'm hoping to get ahead with the swimming this week, touch wood.  I'm feeling pretty rubbish in general, but my new muscles must be making the swimming comparatively easier, I think.  My thighs are solid as a rock!  Ha!

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